Practical Foundations for Programming Languages Is Out

Practical Foundations for Programming Languages, published by Cambridge University Press, is now available in print! It can be ordered from the usual sources, and maybe some unusual ones as well. If you order directly from Cambridge using this link, you will get a 20% discount on the cover price (pass it on).

Since going to press I have, inevitably, been informed of some (so far minor) errors that are corrected in the online edition. These corrections will make their way into the second printing. If you see something fishy-looking, compare it with the online edition first to see whether I may have already corrected the mistake. Otherwise, send your comments to me.

By the way, the cover artwork is by Scott Draves, a former student in my group, who is now a professional artist as well as a researcher at Google in NYC. Thanks, Scott!

Update: The very first author’s copy hit my desk today!


10 Responses to Practical Foundations for Programming Languages Is Out

  1. Steven Shaw says:

    Wondering if the second edition is on it’s way?

  2. Vlad Lopatin says:

    Ordered it. Amazon sais that it’s available December 31. Which is ok either way – will get it right after the holidays.

  3. lkuty says:

    That’s great news. I have already preordered mine at I hope it won’t take too long. Your blog posts are very challenging and I would like to see what you have to say in that book. Sometimes I have an idea, say concurrency = parallelism, and then I come to your site and see that the situation is more complex and interesting. I like that :)

  4. Amazon says that my copy won’t be delivired until January 2013 :-(

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