Introductory FP Course Materials

The course materials for our first-semester introductory programming course (which I’ve discussed elsewhere on this blog) are now available here.

The course materials for our second-semester data structures and algorithms course are available here.

Thanks to Dan Licata and Guy Blelloch for helping make these available.  Comments are most welcome.

Update: I will be giving a talk about this at Google Pittsburgh on Thursday the 20th of September.


2 Responses to Introductory FP Course Materials

  1. Thanks for posting this — it’s actually really cool to see this now. Jenny and I are working on updating the 3rd edition of Head First C#, and this really highlights the difference between what we’re doing (training C# programmers) and the goal of CMU CS (establishing the foundation for a well-rounded computer science education).

    I especially like the focus on verification (proving correctness), as opposed to testing. There’s a subtle but really important difference between correctness and quality. Just the other day someone asked me about the difference between what we teach and what you learn in a computer science class, and I think that’s an important part of the explanation.

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