для моих русских читателей

Владислав Натаров <4kcheshirecat@gmail.com> has kindly translated my blog posts to date into Russian.  I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the translation, but I am grateful for the effort, and hope that this will be of interest to my Russian readers.


4 Responses to для моих русских читателей

  1. 4kcheshire says:

    i’m sure translation (terminology) can be improved. as i say to author, i’m not professional translator. but i think that for familiarization with blog or leading attention to ML modules it’s pretty decent. and this was my target. search engines also maybe find it, for pointing more russian readers to blog.
    so… such translation anyway better than none ))

    and, remember, one can make better translation ))

  2. Scary, when I translate the Russian back to English using Google Translate, “Heart Beat” has become “Heart Attack”. :)

  3. kerneltrap says:

    The translation is pretty decent, but can be improved. It would be nice to have it published using some wiki, so users could contribute fixes.

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