Getting Started

I plan to use this blog to publish thoughts and stimulate discussion about teaching introductory computer science.

Update: More generally, I plan to write about various topics in research and education in Computer Science.


3 Responses to Getting Started

  1. climatecode says:

    Excellent to see you, Bob. You’re predictably stirring up quite a fuss among some of my Facebook friends.
    I’ve now spent more than ten years on the dark side – Lisp and Python – because it was basically impossible to get anything done in SML due to lack of library support and low levels of SML understanding out there in the real world. But I often yearn for a real type system.
    [I might appear here as ‘climatecode’ but I’m Nick Barnes]

  2. But… who are you? Someone pointed me to a post on this blog, but no where on this blog does it say who you are! Please consider adding an “About me” page.

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